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Erin came to me with dozens of ideas for great content her listeners craved, but she had a problem - she didn't have enough time to bring her ideas to life. As editorial manager, SEO strategist, and copywriter for the solo shows on her podcast, I marry her ideas with audience insights, keyword data, and in-depth research to create content her audience binges.

Product Powerhouse

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"I love Kaylan from Bushel & Bunch! She’s been writing my podcast outlines and turning them into SEO focused blog posts. My weekly downloads have doubled since she started. I hired Kaylan to take my messy ideas and turn them into structured and strategic pieces of content (blog posts and podcast episodes) so they were more effective. Since we started working together, my weekly podcast downloads have doubled. Every month she delivers such well written pieces. She's a wizard with words!"

Since working together, Erin's weekly downloads have doubled!



Shaina came to Bushel & Bunch with a need to establish her authority and expertise in branding, design, and digital strategy.

I created blog content she then shared on social media and on her email list to bolster her reputation as an identity-led brand and website designer.

Dawn & Delight

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"She took the time to get to know my own personal writing style, the way I phrase things, and the cadence to my writing and then applied her detail-oriented, research-driven approach to it.

Posting blogs that she’s written for my brand feels so luxurious because I didn’t have to write it, but I know it will work for my business and reach the hearts of my ideal clients. Letting go of this piece of marketing and getting it off of my plate felt like such a relief, and I know my content is in good hands. I love Kaylan’s approach and her obvious care for her clients. I recommend her to all my website design clients and friends. She’s a gem to have in your back pocket and on your team!"

"She's A gem to have in your back pocket and on your team!"


Makena is the owner and founder of the Carlyle Creative, a brand and website design agency in Nashville, Tennessee. Makena loves her clients, but had a problem - her clients needed great content that truly works for them and matches the caliber of their standards. Together we formed a partnership - I create SEO focused website content and Makena brings the sites to life!

The Carlyle Creative

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"Kaylan has been the MOST valuable addition to my team EVER. I mean that from the bottom of my heart- she’s skilled in so many areas and she shares her knowledge freely.

Kaylan has provided a huge value add to my clients since we’ve been working together the past couple of months. She knows how to write beautifully from different perspectives and voices.

BONUS she’s super skilled in SEO, and that’s at the forefront of her copywriting mind. As a website designer, that’s super valuable to me!
Kaylan has made it easy to integrate her into my process so that I can create a smooth experience for my clients, which I super love! I seriously can’t imagine my business without her. I also appreciate her general flexibility with learning new processes and teaching me new things along the way. Just from a personal perspective, I appreciate generosity, flexibility, and kindness over all things- my core values! And Kaylan is top notch in all three areas. It means a ton to me that she shares her knowledge and expertise so freely, and has never made me feel like I was picking her brain or overstepping the line.

One thing that’s super fun about Kaylan’s copy is also the way it just JUMPS off the page- she knows how to write copy in a way that’s gonna look beautiful and engaging in a design. They aren’t just flat words on a page that I have to bring to life. She already brought them to life and I get to make them extra pretty.

I always joke in my proposals that words are the most important part of a website, but you can’t very well hang a PDF on the internet and call it a website, but Kaylan’s writing style is so engaging that you probably could! haha But shhhh I won’t be sharing that with my clients!"

"Kaylan has been the most valuable addition to my team ever."


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