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How to Take a 3-Month Social Media Sabbatical Without Burning Down Your Business

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I’m a trained conversion copywriter and experienced brand building with a knack for brand messaging, organic content marketing, writing copy that actually does something for your marketing, and reading every mystery novel Agatha Christie ever wrote (not the psycho mysteries, the kind where the butler did it). 

I know your brand message doesn’t begin and end with a blog post; it starts the moment a human discovers you, deepens at every touchpoint through their buyer journey, and hopefully it never ends. My job is simple — map literally all of it out and write it up for you. No biggie. 

But, I didn’t get a degree in creative writing for nothing, and from my experience in news reporting I took one major thing — stories connect us and make us more human. That’s why I spend 80% of my process digging in to find the part of your story that connects with the story your ideal client wants to tell. I find that story, and I tell it. I tell it through your marketing and your content so that when your ideal client discovers you, they step into a relationship that never ends. 

hi, I'm Kaylan!

And by genuine I mean it mirrors your core values, resonates with actual real-life humans, and features a brand voice that is unmistakably YOU — no imitations, no facades. Download my most comprehensive resource yet, the Brand Messaging Blueprint, designed to help small businesses create guidelines for communication that fosters trust and builds lasting relationships, rather than just transactional interactions.

Wondering how to come up with brand messaging that actually feels genuine and real?

Brand Messaging Blueprint