When you’re ready for content that leads your audience to their best ‘Yes,’ partner with a SEO & Website Copywriter for entrepreneurs who’s been at it for 12 years.

Who Want to Put Humans First on Their Journey Toward Thought Leadership

SEO Website + Blog Copywriter for Small Business Owners

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What you really need is to run a professional, sustainable business showcased on a website that positions you as the thought leader your audience craves.

You deserve a digital presence that works on your behalf, increasingly, over time. You deserve SEO-focused website content and blog content that puts you in front of an audience that’s already searching - for you.

And your audience deserves copy that speaks their language, guides them toward the solution they need, and takes care of them in the process.

You deserve a website that serves your target audience and you.

Now, you’re spinning endlessly and tirelessly to maintain engagement, reach, and relevancy on platforms you’re starting to despise (who knew entrepreneurship would require a BA in TikTok dancing?!)

You’ve prioritized social media marketing for so long, your sustainable pillars of content marketing have crumbled from disuse. The blog? No one reads it. Email newsletter? *Ahem* Don’t look at that open rate. Keyword rankings? You’re kidding… right?

here's the real kicker...

You crave to step off of the social media flywheel - trying to keep up with trends, engagement, and reach only to see the numbers crash at the mercy of the algorithm - but you know becoming a thought leader requires creating great content that solves problems.

You spend hours creating content you know truly helps humans… but no one’s engaging. So you amp it up, create reels, employ hashtags, do live streams - everything! But no luck.

Start with content that serves

I love words so much I got a degree in Creative Writing (don't bring it up at family dinners - my parents are still confused).

Before that, I was that girl with the glasses who got giddy about analyzing Wuthering Heights in tenth grade english lit.

And before that, I was the kid who wrote screenplays, songs, scripts and novels - they’re stuffed under my mattress so no one will EVER find them - for the love of writing.

Hi, I'm Kaylan!

Who’s the girl glued to that Agatha Christie novel?

trust someone who's been practicing for 27 years.

If you need someone to cast a vision you can't see and bring it to life with words,

Of course, I can mention my professional experience as a news reporter, content + social media strategist, marketing director, podcaster, blogger, brand builder, and course creator, but the proof is in the pudding. I've been writing since I could hold a pencil. I love words so you don't have to. This is what I do.


Together, we will identify what your ready-to-buy audience is already searching for, map out your unique thought leadership message, and craft SEO-driven, conversion-focused website and blog content that works for you while you take a 2-week sabbatical at a French chateau (you deserve it).

human-first, conversion-focused, SEO copywriting for your entire website - from web pages to blog posts.

Trade short-lived, quick-win, trendy content for


ready to work together?

Letting your brand messaging play on the page, adding your unique voice and flair to the conversion-focused, SEO-optimized, audience-tailored content already there.

Copywriting + Creative

step FIVE

Taking my insights and data and mapping them to the page, using conversion copywriting structures that move more people toward the right ‘yes’ for them.

Wireframing + Pre-writing

step FOUR

Identify what your audience is searching for and what words they’re using to find you ( and companies like yours) so we can get you found on search results.

SEO + Keyword Research

step THREE

Understand what customers care about and what words they use so we can speak their language as we craft your unique message.

Voice-of-Audience Research

step TWO

Identify what messages are already working (or completely broken) for you and your competitors so we can fill in the messaging gaps. 

Message Mining + Industry Research

step one

My process is different from most copywriters you’ve worked with in the past. While others prioritize creative expression (that doesn’t tell your audience what they actually need), and storytelling that often falls flat - I spend 80% of my project time on research. Yup.

- an SEO-optimized, conversion-focused website and blog that works for you is on the way.

Struggle no more